Innsikteriet is an independent boutique agency with qualitative insight as its main focus. With our expertise and more than 40 years experience, this is something we are still passionate about, and that inspires our curiosity and commitment every day. We work towards visualizing insight and making the results come to life as much as possible, in order to provide targeted and implementable insight. Often a different and clearer outlook!

Insight is the strongest currency of tomorrow!

Solid expertise

The partners at Innsikteriet have accumulated over 40 years of experience working with consumers insight, B2B, organizations and associations. Industries include telecoms, banking and insurance, food, retail, cultural and educational organizations and associations. We work as advisers, consultants and sparring partners, with roots in qualitative market research and analysis. We have previously worked for 4 Fakta, MMI, Synovate and Ipsos MMI. Since we are present during the work ourselves, we happily share this added value when the insight is presented. It could be an experience, methodological expertise, an interpretation, and not least personal reflections on the findings.

Clear recommendations

We are committed to communicating stories and making our findings and target groups come to life. For us it is important that the findings are used and utilized, and we therefore continually work towards implementable insight. Our customers will easily understand how to activate and transform the newfound knowledge into action plans and results. We constantly strive to convey insight that leads to clear recommendations.


Innovative solutions

We strive to stay professionally up to date on content, implementation and presentation. The partners at Innsikteriet have developed FocusPad a solution that allows us to work smarter, more efficiently and more closely with our customers.


Visual reports

To make the insights more alive Innsikteriet produces findings in a way that makes the insight alive and motivates action. Innsikteriet differentiates between reports and presentations. The reports provides traceability of reasoning and recommendations. The presentations are multimedia based and convey consumer insight in a clear and visual manner, including for those who have not observed the practical implementation. Video is a key component of every presentation from Innsikteriet.


We are enthusiastic and dedicated


The fact that we have worked so many years with consumer insight is a testament to our sincere joy and interest in the subject. We are committed, dedicated and reliable. And, we wish to give of ourselves – as much as we possibly can. Our excitement and curiosity is still very much fresh when we meet different constellations of consumers. For us it is fun, rewarding and especially engaging to work with consumer insight.

Fast deliveries

We know that customers sometimes want to do things fast, and that decisions at times require quick responses. We use technical methods and solutions that help us make this possible. In addition, we are a small organization that is light on its feet.


About Lene

  • Had to explore orienteering, horseback riding and karate, before I ended up in handball – where I found my good team spirit and good friendships.
  • Took a year off from studies when I was 19 and travelled across the USA, where I got to experience the world’s number one consumer society.
  • Completed civil studies at BI/City University London with focus on communication and marketing – subjects I am passionate about.
  • Fell in love with qualitative studies when I had Elisabeth Falck as a lecturer at BI – the crush still lives on.
  • My fascination with animation and film gave me the opportunity to work in this field for a time, which inspired my thoughts on visual consumer insight.
  • Has passed on and shared knowledge as a lecturer and examiner at BI.
  • There is a time for everything – therefore Innsikteriet.

About Geir Tommy

  • Played football in youth teams for Sunndal because team sport built good friendships.
  • Studied at IFM because of my interest in marketing and marketing communications.
  • Worked as a journalist/producer at P4 Radio Hele Norge because of my passion for music.
  • Became a moderator for the varied and challenging tasks.
  • Travels each year on a buddy trip to keep in touch with old friends from Sunndal.
  • Created FocusPad because I wanted to work in a smarter and more efficient way. And because I am fascinated by new technology.
  • Established Innsikteriet because I would like to take charge of my own development.


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