Innsikteriet is an independent, Norwegian-owned market research company, with its main base in Oslo. We work with customer and consumer insights – primarily using qualitative methods. The partners have over 25 years of individual experience as advisors and moderators. Innsikteriet works with many established international and national brands in Norway. We also take great pleasure in working with smaller entrepreneurs and start-ups in different co-working environments.

Insight is the strongest currency of tomorrow!

Long experience

The partners at Innsikteriet have over 25 years of individual experience in market research. Before Innsikteriet was established in 2015, we worked for 4 Fakta, MMI, Synovate and Ipsos. The fact that we have worked so many years with insight-related work, is a testament to our sincere joy and interest in the subject. 

Solid expertise

We are advisers, consultants and a sparring partner, with roots in qualitative market research and analysis. We work with consumers, B2B, organizations and associations. The industries include telecom, media, banking and insurance, grocery, retail, transport and logistics, culture and education.


Our toolbox

Focus groups

The cornerstone of qualitative market research. Several consumers are interviewed at the same time. This is a very time and cost-effective method, with a very well-known approach. We have extensive experience with different approaches, which include home, resource and panorama groups.

In-depth interviews

1:1 interviews where we are able to go deeper. The flexibility is great when it comes to where the conversations take place: at home, in the workplace or sit-downs at cafes – all depending on information needs. The challenges of group constellations, such as political correctness, bring influenced by one other, “clever” answers, etc. are avoided.


Ethnographic studies require the moderator to leave the safety of the focus group room in favor of the consumer’s reality and everyday life. We get the most real-life and comprehensive insight into consumer choices by including the context in which the decision is made. It happens on the consumer’s terms. Ethnography is very well-suited to illuminate our unconscious and habitual actions; actions we cannot even describe in words.

Assisted shopping

An ethnographic approach. The goal is to be an invisible shadow that comes along without disturbing the consumer. It often starts with a simple conversation near the actual outlet; the consumers are followed around when they do a “regular” and typical purchase of a given product/service. The method is concluded with an interview afterwards, where consumers are “confronted” with their own behavior.


We distinguish between synchronous and non-synchronous studies. In synchronous studies, participants are logged in at the same time and questions and answers happen in real time. For non-synchronous studies, participants are not online at the same time. This type of research, such as panels, is suitable for issues that are built and developed over time.

The customer's journey

As an analyst, it is a reoccurring dream to be able to take a peek inside the customer’s head and trace them in their footsteps. How do they proceed both before, during and after a product/service is selected/declined? And not least – What do they think, what do they do, what do they feel? The visual map of customer journeys has existed for many years and is useful for establishing a common management tool across departments that have customer contact.


About Lene

  • Had to explore orienteering, horseback riding and karate, before I ended up in handball – where I found my good team spirit and good friendships.
  • Took a year off from studies when I was 19 and travelled across the USA, where I got to experience the world’s number one consumer society.
  • Completed civil studies at BI/City University London with focus on communication and marketing – subjects I am passionate about.
  • Fell in love with qualitative studies when I had Elisabeth Falck as a lecturer at BI – the crush still lives on.
  • My fascination with animation and film gave me the opportunity to work in this field for a time, which inspired my thoughts on visual consumer insight.
  • Has passed on and shared knowledge as a lecturer and examiner at BI.
  • There is a time for everything – therefore Innsikteriet.

About Geir Tommy

  • Played football in youth teams for Sunndal because team sport built good friendships.
  • Studied at IFM because of my interest in marketing and marketing communications.
  • Worked as a journalist/producer at P4 Radio Hele Norge because of my passion for music.
  • Became a moderator for the varied and challenging tasks.
  • Travels each year on a buddy trip to keep in touch with old friends from Sunndal.
  • Created FocusPad because I wanted to work in a smarter and more efficient way. And because I am fascinated by new technology.
  • Established Innsikteriet because I would like to take charge of my own development.

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